Oils of Nature Pure Natural Vitamin E Oil For Face and Hair

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“The World’s Most Natural and Powerful Vitamin E Oil”

  The Perfectly Natural Oil For Scars, Age Spots, Wrinkles, Problem Skin And For Restoring Maximum Vitality To Your Skin


What’s the World’s greatest natural healer for your skin?

There are plenty of natural products on the market, but many people are turning to the power of Vitamin E as a God-send for their skin.


Simply because Vitamin E is one of the most powerful natural skin-improving (and healing) agents out there today.

It’s often used in very expensive cosmetic products…alongside a whole host of other nasty synthetic chemicals that help keep it on the shelf (and keep beauty company costs down – and their profits up!).

But there’s no denying: Vitamin E is one of the nature’s most powerful substances for your skin. It can help with aging, it can improve tough skin, it moisturises (naturally), it improves just about every aspect of your skin-care regimen.

But here’s the thing…

Not all Vitamin E is created equal!

Why not?

Because a lot of this powerful skin-care vitamin is created synthetically. We don’t know about you, but where possible – we prefer natural!


Because as a general rule – nature knows best. Our view is it’s best NOT to interfere with Vitamin E. We only want to use it in the way nature intended.

A lot of Vitamin E out there today is made synthetically. In fact, you might be horrified to learn exactly how a lot of Vitamin E is produced. From Wikipedia:

“synthesized from a mixture of toluene and 2,3,5-trimethyl-hydroquinone that reacts with isophytol to all-rac-alpha-tocopherol, using iron in the presence of hydrogen chloride gas as catalyst.”

That stated – we set out to create the ultimate Vitamin E oil…naturally. The oil would contain not just one, but three of the very best vitamin-E rich oils out there today,  fusing together the ingredients from each, to create a synergistic effect that no single oil could match.

I think we succeeded.

We call it Super-E, and we believe it’s the most powerful natural Vitamin E out there today.

The triple-ingredient, all-natural oil content separates Super-E from anything else on the market.

Here’s what’s in each bottle:


  • Pure Organic Wheatgerm Oil. Wheatgerm oil contains the highest concentration of Vitamin E than any other known oil. And we only use organic oil here. Importantly, we also ensure the oil is extracted using a cold-pressed method. Why is that important? As many oils are extracted using heat and chemicals, degrading the pure, natural qualities of the oil.

But this is different.

We only use a cold-press method, retaining the natural qualities of the oil. So you can be sure you’re getting the oil as nature intended….in its most natural and powerful form!


  • Organic Seabuckthorn Oilthis lesser-known oil is rich in Vitamin E once again. This oil was used as early as 212 BC by the ancient Greeks, who knew that the fruit, seed, and oil all had healing properties. It was often fed to racehorses in this culture. In another area altogether, Tibet, it was referenced in medical texts as early as the Tang Dynasty in the years 618-907 AD.

Here’s something interesting about this oil: Russian astronauts alledgedly sea buckthorn oil to help prevent UV rays from damaging their skin. And in China, it’s said that burn clinics have used it to restore skin that is already damaged.

If you have problems like pigmentation, acne, aging, wrinkles, or scar tissue, seabuckthorn oil might just be a godsend to you!

This oil is rich in α-Tocopherol which is preferentially absorbed and accumulated in humans. As an added bonus, it also contains gamma-tocopherol, which is another Vitamin E derivative that can help your skin.

  • Organic (Unrefined) Sweet Almond OilThis oil has been used for thousands of years as a ‘beauty’ secret. But few oils on the market are truly organic, and many are refined. When we say ‘refined’, we mean the oil is extracted from the almonds using a lot of heat – and some chemicals. Sure, that means it’s cheap – but it’s probably not what you want to use on your face.

In Super-E, we only use unrefined organic oil. This is processed using a cold-pressed method, and the almonds come from an organic source.

This gives you a product which is in its most natural form – just as nature intended.

Hopefully you can see what we’ve done here…

We’ve combined three of nature’s most powerful oils into Super-E.

There is nothing out there as powerful, in a purely natural format.

Super-E is perfect for anyone who wants to improve the look and vitality of their skin. It’s for you if you want to combat the signs of aging, see scars diminish, to make your skin younger and to improve acne, pigmentation and other skin issues.

We genuinely believe this could be most natural and powerful skin-improving oil out there today.

Best of all, since this is entirely natural and sold directly to consumers in the UK (with no middle-men), the price is a lot less than many over-priced cosmetics.

So what’s the price of Super-E?

The price is usually £29.95 per bottle.

But through this introductory special offer today, your price is just £19.95 per bottle. You can also buy two bottles for £34.95 – or save even more and go for three bottles at £49.95 for three (that’s less than £17 per bottle!).

Each bottle is 200ml, and will last you 1-2 months, depending on how often you use it. We recommend applying 1-2 times per day.

Try Super-E for yourself today.

If you want to improve your skin, on your face and body, using an all-natural, proven healer from mother-nature herself - try this unique Vitamin E for yourself today.

Order today.


Organic Wheatgerm Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil

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